Digital Logic - Sequential Circuits

6:   How many illegitimate states has synchronous mod-6 counter ?
A. 3
B. 2
C. 1
D. 6

Option: A

Explanation :

7:   A 2 bit binary multiplier can be implemented using
A. 2 input ANDs only
B. 2 input XORs and 4 input AND gates only
C. 2 input NORs and one XNOR gate
D. NOR gates and shift registers

Option: B

Explanation :

8:   A ring counter is same as
A. up-down counter
B. parallel-counter
C. shift register
D. Ripple carry Counter

Option: C

Explanation :

9:   The dynamic hazard problem occurs in
A. Combinational circuit alone
B. Sequential circuit only
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of these

Option: C

Explanation :


A n-stage ripple counter will count up to










Option: A

Explanation :

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Syllabus covered in this section is-

  • Logic functions, Minimization,
  • Design and synthesis of combinational and sequential circuits
  • Number representation and computer arithmetic (fixed and floating point)
  • Propositional (Boolean) Logic
  • Satisfiability and Tautology
  • Logic Families: TTL, ECL and C-MOS gates.
  • Boolean algebra and Minimization of Boolean functions
  • Flip-flops-types, race condition and comparison.
  • Design of combinational and sequential Circuits
  • Representation of Integers: Octal, Hex. Decimal and Binary.
  •  2's complement and 1 's complement arithmetic
  • Floating point representation.

This Section covers Digital Logic Questions Answers .

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