Digital Logic - Sequential Circuits

21:   The functional difference between S-R flip-flop and J-K flip-flop is that J-K flip-flop
A. is faster than S-R flip-flop
B. Has a feed-back path
C. Accepts both inputs 1
D. Both (a) and (b)

Option: C

Explanation :

22:   In a positive edge triggered JK flip-flop, a low J and low K produces
A. No change
B. Low state
C. High state
D. None of these

Option: A

Explanation :


When an inverter is placed between both inputs of an SR flip-flop, then resulting flip-lop is


JK flip-flop


D flip-flop


SR flip-flop


Master slave JK flip-flop


Option: B

Explanation :

24:   A 2 MHz signal is applied to the input of a J-K lip-lop which is operating in the 'toggle' mode. The frequency of the signal at the output will be
A. 1 MHz
B. 2 MHz
C. 6 MHz
D. 8 MHz

Option: D

Explanation :

25:   The master slave JK lip-flop is effectively a combination of
A. A SR flip-flop and a T flip-flop
B. An SR flip-lfop and a D flip-flop
C. A T flip-flop and a D flip-flop
D. Two D flip-flops

Option: A

Explanation :

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