Digital Logic - Sequential Circuits

31:   The main difference between JK and RS flip-flop is that
A. JK flip flop needs a clock pulse
B. There is a feedback in JK lip-lop
C. JK flip-flop accepts both inputs as 1
D. JK flip-flop is acronym of Junction cathode multivibrator

Option: C

Explanation :

32:   Which of the following unit will choose to transform decimal number to binary code ?
A. Encoder
B. Decoder
C. Multiplexer
D. Counter

Option: A

Explanation :

33:   The flip-flops which operate in synchronism with external clock pulses are known as
A. Synchronous flip-flop
B. Asynchronous flip-flop
C. Either of the above
D. None of these

Option: A

Explanation :

34:   Which of the following flip-flop is free from race-around problem ?
A. Q flip-flop
B. T flip-flop
C. SR flip-flop
D. Master-slave JK flip-flop

Option: D

Explanation :


If the input J is connected through K input of J-K, then flip-flop will behave as a


D type flip-flop


T type flip-flop


S-R flip-flop


Master slave JK flip-flop


Option: B

Explanation :

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