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Computer Science Study Material

                                                        Here find basics of Compiler Design and construction which are absolutely necessary to clear any one one's basic concepts in Compiler Design and Construction.


                              Here you will find all definitions and concepts of Data Structure that are required to understand the basic concept

                        In this section you can get some major concepts about concurrent transactions which are most commonly asked in any competitive or academic exam.

                       In this section you will find all about coupling, cohesion, software project management and many other such topics which can be very useful for a candidate if he has to appear for any exam.               

                            Here you will find basic Computer Network definitions and various networking topologies which one should know if he wants to score well in any exam that contains IT as one of its section.


Who can benefit

  • Any student who is preparing for  GATE or UGC NET Computer Science
  • All Computer Engineering Students
  • Undergraduate or Post Graduate Computer Science or Information Technology  Students eg  students who are pursuing BSc, MSc, MCA, BCA , BS , MS or any other such course.
  • Any student who is preparing for Kendriya Vidyalaya Entrance Exam.
  • Computer Networking section can used by any candidate who has to appear for Bank Exams.
  • This section is also useful for the candidates who is preparing for  DOEACC CCC, BCC, A level, B level or C Level exam.
  • Any student who is pursuing his undergraduate or post graduate degree in management like BMS, MMS, BBA, MBA can also use this section for their viva preparation.
  • All candidates who wants to score well  for BANK IT officer Exam.
  • All the candidates who are preparing for IT Jobs and interviews
  • Anyone who wants to increase his knowledge in Computers.
  • This is online reference material.
  • You can download this Computer Science pdf.
  • This can also be used as an eBook.
  • Any candidate who has to appear for State Eligibility Test.

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