About us


                            Avatto.com, a REIT India initiative went live in December 2012 and is one of the fastest growing online educational website which is developed with an aim to provide online and postal guidance for various competitive and academic exams like GATE Computer Science , UGC NET Computer Science , UGC NET Paper1, Computer Engineering , BSc Computer Science, MSc Computer Science , MCA and many more. We also provide various online Quiz  for Computers , Ms- Office, Aptitude , Engineering Mathematics , General Knowledge and many more. Students can learn and practise question online and also can evaluate their performance by taking online test. We will continue to power ahead with your support

                        Avatto.com comprises of highly knowledgeable and experienced teaching experts. It is professionally managed and well structured company. We have well experienced faculty from the leading educational institutes in India for preparing the study material, notes  questions etc.
                        We have started with a database 10,000 questions , which keeps on increasing regularly. We keep on adding new categories,subcategories at regular intervals as required by various competitive  and academic exams.

                   We don’t believe in sending spam mails. We also don’t share email addresses given to us. Avatto.com is an open database providing free access to all of its viewers for learning and practise purpose.

Our mission is to :- 

  1. To provide high quality study material to our customers.
  2. To provide the fastest solution to problems/queries faced by our customers .
  3. To provide a wide range of study and evaluation methods.
  4. To provide study material to students living in remote areas who are not capable of going to distant places to get quality education.
  5. To enable us meet our mission, we undertake some unique tasks in the education industry.
  6. Our study material is checked and rechecked by our team of experts before getting online.