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How can I become Premium Member

You can  become a premium member and earn a free Online Test

  1. Worth Rs100 / $1.6 if you have 10 approved comments from a single valid email id.

Criteria for getting comments approved

  • Comments that provide relevant references related to questions.
  • Comments that add the explanation to questions.
  • Comments that initiate or add discussions at questions.
  • Comments that add value to question.

Criteria for unapproved Comments are

  • Comments that are not related to questions.
  • Comments that don't provide any explanation or references eg Option A, Option B, Option C, Option D
  • Comments that don't add value to question

    2.   Worth Rs 200 / $ 3.2, If you visit 100 unique web pages in 5 hours after login. Steps for earning a coupon are listed below-

  • Log in to your account
  • Visit 100 unique web pages in 5 hours(within one month)
  • Earn a coupon worth Rs200.


How can I claim my Free Test

As soon as your 50 Comments appear at site you will recieve an email from our  support team stating all details else you can also mail us at with following details

  1. Your email id from which Comments have been put up.
  2. Name of test on which you require access.

As soon as you visit 100 unique webpages you will receive a coupon code worth Rs 200, This will be one time use earned coupon code which can be used with any free coupon code. So if your cart amount is 300 and you apply 2 coupon codes(1 free + 1 earned) and your test becomes absolutely free.


How much time it takes to approve Comments

Generally we take 1-2 working days to approve a Comment.

How can I take Online Test /Mock Test

You can take Online Test/ Mock Test after making successful registration and paying enrollment fees for that particular test . 

Which browsers are supported .

Although site work well in all major browsers including Internet Explorer 7.0 and above , Mozilla Firefox , Google Chrome and  Safari  . But for Online Test / Mock Test we recommend Google Chrome .

Can I appear for test from any computer .

Yes , you can use any computer to take test.

Can I take hard copy of test ?

No , you can not take hard copy of test . But we can send you hard copies of all tests, if you enroll for postal course.

What will be marking criteria ?

All online test /mock test are having same criteria for marking . +1 for right answer and no -ive marking .

How can I see the results

You can see the results as soon as you finish your test . Additionally results will also be mailed to you. 

Can I re-appear in test if am not satisfied with my performance

Yes , you can take an Online Test / Mock Test as many times as you want, but that will erase your previous marks

Do I need to restart test if I get disconnected from internet.

Yes, you will have to restart test , even if you refresh your browser window  you will be redirected to Instructions page.

How can I make Payment

Indian customers  have following payment options

  1.  Demand Draft (DD)
  2.  CCAvenue Payment Gateway.

International Customers  can pay through 

  1.  CCAvenue Payment Gateway.
  2. Paypal

After taking membership what benefits I will be getting .

After taking membership , you can appear for online test/mock test as many times as you want , which free user can't.Other then this 

  • You will also get access to large database of questions which are not available for free use . *
  • You will get email support .*
  • You can identify your weak areas and practice accordingly.

* depends up on the type of membership chosen

After making payment how much time it will take to activate test

In case if you have made an online payment , your test will activated instantly but in case of Demand Draft payments we will activate Online Test as soon as we recieve your Demand Draft.