ADBMS Viva Questions Answers


This section Comprises of Viva Questions answers based on Advanced DataBase Management System (ADBMS).It

comprises of following topics


  1. Parallel Database Architecture

    Introduction to Parallel Databases, Architecture for Parallel Databases

  2. Distributed Database Architecure

     Introduction to Distributed Database, T
    ypes of Distributed Databases, Distributed DBMS Architecture, Storing Data in a Distributed DBMS.

  3. Object Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS)

    Introduction to ORDBMS,  Structured Data Types, Operations on Structured Data, Objects, OIDs and Reference Types, Object oriented versus Object relational database.
  4. DataWareHousing 

    Data warehouse: Introduction to DW, DW architecture, ETL Process, Top- down and bottom-up approaches, characteristics and benefits of data mart. Dimensional Modeling: Star, snowflake and fact constellation schema.


  5. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)


    OLAP in the data warehouse: Major features and functions, OLAP models- ROLAP and MOLAP, Difference between OLAP and OLTP


  6. Data Mining

  7. Data Preprocessing

  8. Data Mining Algorithms

  9. Classification

  10. Clustering

  11. Web Mining

  12. Text Mining

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    ADBMS  Questions Answer

    Advanced Database Management  Short Questions Answer

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