Object Oriented Programming - Pointers


The declaration
int x ;
int &p=x ;

is same as the declaration
int x,*p ;
p=&x ;

This remark is   






sometimes true


none of the above


Option: B

Explanation :

In the first declaration, p is aliased to x. In the second case, p is a separate variable and it will have an address that is different from that of x.


Consider the declarations
const char cc = 'h' ;
char *CP ;
const char *const ccpc = &CC;
char *const  *cpcp ;

Which of the following statements
Statement I:     cp = * cpcp ;
Statement II:    * * cpcp = * cp ;
Statement III:  * cp = * * cpcp ;

are legal? 


All are legal


All are illegal


Only statement I is illegal.


Statements I and III are illegal.


Option: A

Explanation :


Reference is not same as pointer because     


a reference can never be null


a reference once established cannot be changed.


reference doesn't need an explicit dereferencing mechanism.


All of these


Option: D

Explanation :

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Syllabus covered in this section is-

  • O-O Programming Concepts , Class object instantiation
  • Inheritance, polymorphism and overloading
  • C++ Prograinming - Elements of C++, Tokens,
  • Identifters Variables and constants, data, types
  • Operators, Control, statements
  • Functions
  • Parameter passing
  • Class and objects
  •  Constructors and destructors
  •  Overloading,  Inheritance,
  • Templates, Exception handling

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