Compiler Design - Syntax directed translation


In a single pass assembler, most of the forward references can be avoided by putting the restriction

A. on the number of strings/lifereacts
B. that the data segment must be defined after the code segment.
C. on unconditional rump.
D. None of these

Option: B

Explanation :


The method which merges the bodies of two loops is


loop rolling


loop Jamming


constant folding


none of these


Option: B

Explanation :


 Assembly code data base is associated with

A. assembly language version of the program which is created by the code.
B. a permanent table of decision rules in the form of patterns for matching with the uniform symbol table to discover syntactic structure.
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. a permanent table which lists all key words and special symbols of the language in symbolic form.

Option: A

Explanation :


 The process manager has to keep track of

A. status of each program
B. priority of each program
C. information management support to a programmer using the system.
D. Both (A) and (C)

Option: D

Explanation :


Function of the syntax phase is to

A. recognize the major constructs of the language and to cal the appropriate action routines that wil generate the intermediate form or matrix for these constructs
B. build a literal table and an identifier table.
C. build a uniform symbol table.
D. parse the source program into the basic elements or tokens of the language.

Option: A

Explanation :

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Syllabus Covered in this section is

  • Compilation and Interpretation 
  • Bootstrap compilers
  • Phases of compilation process
  • Lexical analysis
  •  Context free grammars
  • Parsing and parse trees
  • Representation of parse (derivation) trees as rightmost and leftmost derivations
  • Bottom up parsers-shift-reduce, operator precedence and LR
  • Topdown parsers-left recursion and its· removal.
  • Recursive descent parser.
  • Predictive parser
  • Intermediate codes-Quadruples, Triples
  • Intermediate code generation
  • Target code generation
  • Basics of  Code optimization
  • Syntax directed translation
  • Runtime environments

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