Sentence Completion - Section 1


Overall, all the recent policy changes by the government only amount to a________ in the sugar industry.


superficial attempt at liberalisation


drop in the ocean


large change


small regulating authority


Option: A

Explanation :


 For some of our ruling politicians, social justice has apparently come to mean that ________.

A. they have a right to plunder public money from the treasury
B. they have a right to the plunder of public money from the treasury
C. theirs is the right to plunder public money from the treasury
D. the right is theirs to plunder public money from the treasury

Option: A

Explanation :
They in choice (a) means 'some of our ruling politicians' (the subject). Also grammatically`they have a right to plunder........' is correct wheras'........right to the punder ........' is incorrect.


 In pusuance of their decision to resist what they saw as anti-labour policies, the company employees, union launched agitation to________.

A. show their virility
B. reaffirm their commitment to the company
C. bring down the government
D. demonstrate their strength

Option: D

Explanation :


I am an entertainer ____________ .I have to keep smiling because, deep in my heart, laughter and sorrow have an affinity

A. Even if I have tears in me
B. Despite conditions of extreme adversity
C. Inspite of misery around me
D. Although I have yet to make it big

Option: B

Explanation :
Choice (d) is ruled out as it does not logically fit. Choice (a) is also ruled out because of the expression 'tears in me'.


________that in this apparent mess , two things not be interfered with.

A. It is important
B. it is of cardinal important
C. It should be urgently understood
D. It cannot be emphasised

Option: A

Explanation :
(b) The expression must be " it is of cardinal
(c) There is no urgency in understanding, "It should be understood" is enough.
(d) Instead of "it cannot be,' the expression should be it must be'.
So choice (a) is the best, It is important that the two things are not to be interfered with.

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