Sentence Completion - Section 1


 Revenues are likely to register a dramatic increase if  _____________ on the hundred million people who are said to comprise the risinglndin middle class

A. a flat tax is collected
B. a flat tax is placed
C. taxes at a flat rate are charged
D. tax is imposed at a flat rate

Option: D

Explanation :
The right word to precede the proposition 'on' is imposed. Tax is not collected on ....... people. Tax is not placed on people, Tax is not charged on people. Hence, choices (a), (b) and (c) are not the answers. Tax is imposed....... on........


The ideas that these companies used seem so simple with________that their competitors will now________themselves for not thinking of them first.

A. advanced technology, hit
B. analysis , abuse
C. passage of time, curse
D. hindsight, kick

Option: D

Explanation :


Home is _______one has yet to improve.

A. a discovery over which
B. a certain over which
C. an invention on which
D. an institution upon which

Option: D

Explanation :
(a) `Discovery'refers to something that existed
previously and came to knowledge later.
Home is not a discovery.
(b) Home is not a certain. It is a set up which comes into being as a result of a certain composition of various factors.
(c) Home is not a new invention of anyone at any stage of development.
So choice (d) is the best answer. Home is an institution just like 'marriage. Home is a reality only when its members accept certain principles


The safest general characterisation of the European philosophical tradition as it has developed up to now, with all its diverse proponents,is that it consists of a________Plato.

A. series of footnotes to
B. set of prologues to
C. collection of chapters on
D. string of commentatries to

Option: A

Explanation :


The stock market is probably__________ and the way the markets are plunging says a lot about investor confidence.

A. an ideal indication of the health of public sentiment
B. the least imperfect mechanism for judging the quantity of the sentiment of the public.
C. the best indicator of public sentiment
D. the best barometer to assess the sentiment of the public

Option: C

Explanation :
The key words are 'plunging' and 'investor confidence'. If markets are plunging, investor confidence is low. This aspect is brought out best by choice (c).

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