GATE Aptitude


What is GATE Aptitude?

 Aptitude Test in Engineering is held in India to test the aptitude skills of various engineering and science students. The General Aptitude (GA) section carries 15 marks in GATE Exam and consists of 10 questions. In this section 5 questions carry 1 mark each and 5 questions for 2 marks each. The General Aptitude section is common for all 22 subjects. This section is most scoring section and should be well prepared as it can boost up the percentile in GATE Exam.

What is the Syllabus for GATE Aptitude?

The syllabus for GATE of aptitude consists of Verbal ability and numerical ability to verify the skill each student and provide them a platform to show their knowledge on their core subjects. English grammar, numerical estimation, word group,  verbal analogies and algebra  are some of the subjects included in the syllabus.

How to prepare for GATE Aptitude?

  1. Read English Newspaper daily to improve grammar and vocabulary.

  2. Read a new short passage every week and describe the pessage in your own words. It will help in preparing for reading comprehension section.
  3. Practice for language puzzles and analogies on regular basis.

  4. Numerical ability section also need attention as it can not be left for last minute preparation.
  5. Pay special attention to attention to algebra section.
  6. Don’t forget to revise the previous year papers. This will boost up your confidence.

Can I prepare for GATE Aptitude Online ?

Yes, you can prepare for GATE Aptitude Online. You can download GATE Aptitude material pdf for free. You can also prepare from  GATE Aptitude Questions Answers. 

GATE Aptitude Questions 

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Covered topics in Gate Aptitude Test Online:

Antonyms, English Grammar,  Spotting Error,  Sentence Completion,  Reading Comprehension,  Sentence Improvement, Synonym , Critical Reasoning Vocabulary

How to prepare for Gate Aptitude Test Online:

  1. Aptitude preparation is must on a daily basis.

  2. Make a habit to make it not break it.

  3. Preparation of Gate Aptitude Test Online must be treated the same way as other technical subjects.

  4. Try to devote an hour each day to practice aptitude.

  5. Practicing daily up to10 questions would be enough.

  6. Get involved yourself more in practicing GATE Aptitude Test problems because every problem can be done by a different method.

  7. Try to cover each problem because if you can do so then the problems can sometimes become not problems.

  8. Focus on your calculation; make it quick because many times aptitude problems will not require a calculator.

  9. Give time to solve one problem multiple times before looking at solution.

  10. Find way to try to attempt each time from a different perspective.

  11. If you are still not being able to solve it then take a pause and try it the next day but do not give up soon.

  12. This habit of attempting and practicing with a question will sharp your thinking ability and also make you learn better.

  13. Utilize your time by solving aptitude questions while taking a break from technical subjects so that your mind gets refreshed.  


General Aptitude in a GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) includes Numerical Ability and Verbal Ability. General Aptitude Test for Gate is very important section for GATE exam but it has been seen that students take Aptitude lightly and end up focusing on Aptitude section. However this could lead to score low. For your information, let me tell you that GATE Aptitude section has high weight age in GATE exam. While preparing GATE exam, students make big mistake.

They delay the preparation for Gate Aptitude Test Online because many a times students think that they can give their best in a short span of time. The reason to think like because of having experience in General Aptitude a lot many times during college days for campus recruitment. Aptitude isn’t treated as a subject but in real it should be. Treating the same way as other technical subject can lead to help you qualify GATE exam with good marks.

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