UGC NET CSE Syllabus, Paper Pattern Eligibility




Candidates must have completed their Masters’ Degree or Equivalent Degree within the following percentage criteria:



  • For Unreserved Category, one must have secured at least 55% Marks.
  • For OBC/SC/ST/PWD/Transgender, one must have secured at least 50% Marks. Here is a 5% relaxation.



    Appearing in Paper-1 & Paper-2 is compulsory for all the candidates who appear in the UGC NET Exam. NET Paper 1 consists of maximum questions from UGC NET Research & Teaching Aptitude. Paper 2 will consist of questions from Computer Science & Applications.






    Number of Questions




    50 Questions all are Compulsory    

    3 Hours



    100 Question all are Compulsory 

    NTA UGC NET Paper 2 on Computer Science exam consists of 200 Marks with 100 questions. 

    If you’re planning to appear in the UGC NET Computer Science and Application , then you must know the relevant information about Paper-II on Computer Science and Applications. We contain information about all which is covered in bullet points.

    • Syllabus & Exam Pattern
    • Study Material
    • Preparation Tips & Study Plan
    • Previous Question Papers with Answers
    • Sample Questions with Answers
    • UGC NET Computer Science & Application Paper Exam is divided into  Paper 1 & Paper 2.

What is UGC NET exam for CSE?

The NTA incorporates Computer Science and Application as a subject in the UGC NET Exam. So, if you want to build your career as a computer expert / lecturer / professor / researcher, then UGC NET is ready for you.

After completing your postgraduate degree in computer science and application or related fields, you can apply for this exam. But before that, you should know the details about the UGC NET Computer Science and application.

Since UGC NET has two papers, below you can check the names of both paper on computer science and applications.


Unit Wise Paper 1 NET Exam Syllabus for Computer Science


Teaching Aptitude


Research Aptitude






Mathematical Reasoning and Aptitude


Logical Reasoning


Data Interpretation


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


People, Development and Environment


Higher Education System



Unit wise UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus 2021


Discrete Structures and Optimization


Computer System Architecture


Programming Languages and Computer Graphics


Database Management Systems


System Software and Operating System


Software Engineering


Data Structures and Algorithms


Theory of Computation and Compilers


Data Communication and Computer Networks


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


How can I study for UGC NET computer science?

let’s take a look at the tips to break the UGC NET Computer Science exam.

Having a good understanding of the exam pattern helps in preparing for this.

The UGC NET exam consists of two papers. Paper-I is common to all subjects. Also, questions about teaching and research aptitude are asked in the section. While Paper-II is related to the topic, here it will be Computer Science.


Below are the tips to crack Computer Science exam:

  • Be careful about first paper

    We know we're discussing tips for completing the exam of Computer Science. However, this is a prerequisite for qualifying for UGC NET exam. Many candidates simply focus on their chosen subject i.e. paper 2 and ignore the first paper. However, you need to get both papers to qualify for the exam. So, ignoring the paper becomes their biggest mistake. So study about paper1 too.

  • Syllabus Understanding

    Moving on to the selected subject, the first step is to check the syllabus and understand it. Familiarity with the syllabus will help to prevent unnecessary study. The UGC recently updated the syllabus for each topic. Available on the official website.

  • Categories the Topics

    After familiarizing yourself with the syllabus, sort the topics accordingly. In other words, you can mark topics you know and those you find difficult. Now, you know what topics you need to be prepared for more. So, set the time table accordingly.

  • Solve Previous Question Papers

    We suggest that you resolve the questionnaires of previous years before proceeding with the adjustment of the timetable. This helps to identify important topics (frequently asked questions or questions with a lot of questions). Now, when you get to know popular topics, you can focus on them and set the time table accordingly.

    Other important Computer System topics are Data Structure, Algorithms, C ++, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Automata (TOC), Computer Organization, Digital Electronics, and Graph Theory.

    Other low-weight topics are: Computer Graphics, Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Compiler, Current Trends and Technologies.

  • Create a Time Table

    Now that you know the important topics, write down the timetable accordingly. Don't forget to include Paper-I time. Take breaks during study time to refresh your mind. Follow the time table with complete dedication without skipping school day without getting sick.

  • Make Notes

    As you read any articles, note key points related to the topics. This will help in the review, which is very important. You can go through these notes whenever you have doubts. These notes are also useful when doing last-minute reviews.

  • Buy Books - Not Many But Best

    We do not recommend buying lots of textbooks and making a lot of them on your reading table. Almost all topics in the UGC NET syllabus are from the Master's degree syllabus. Therefore, read articles from your PG books only. One way is to obtain a library membership and to obtain textbooks for a variety of topics. You can buy one or two of the best books in the market and read them carefully.

  • Solve Sample Paper and Appear in the Bullet Test

    This is the most important part. If you do this, you will be ready for a 50% for the exam. Ssolve as many sample papers and question papers as possible. It comes from a humorous test of improving speed, time management, and accuracy. The tests are done online so a mock test will help familiarize the pattern. You can see the recurring questions in the UGC NET exam, so it is useful to resolve the questionnaire of the past years.

    In addition to all of these preparation tips, stay calm during the test. Do not rush to answer any question. Read the question carefully before marking your answer. Although there are no negative markings in the test, do not mark answers immediately.


What is UGC NET salary?

It depends on the demand of the subject and also on the expertise. If you have qualified NET it means you are very strong in your concepts. UGC NET provides you with the ticket for lectureship throughout the nation. After you qualify the UGC NET exam, you are eligible to apply either in private college or in govt. college. you can get easily RS 45,000 per month as assistant professor. Once you get promoted to associate professor, salary gets almost its double and you can get RS.80, 000 per month. And once you are professor your salary will be RS.  82,000 per month.


Download UGC NET Computer Science Syllabus



This page contains UGC NET Computer Science preparation material which is extremely crucial for those preparing for UGC NET Computer Science Paper. It has the elaborated study material as per the latest UGC NET syllabus along with numerical questions, practice questions and previous year solved papers and an online test to give you a comprehensive knowledge about the paper and acquaint you with all the topics. You get the complete preparation material for computer engineering and information technology exams at this site. Further, candidates who are preparing for Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Entrance Exam or the PSU and IES Exams will also find it quite useful. This Computer Science Preparation Material can be used by even those who are preparing for DOEACC. One can download this UGC NET Computer Science Preparation Material PDF free of cost from this site and make use of it for preparing for various exams. It is your complete guide for excelling in every national level Computer Exam.

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