Computer Organization Architecture - Machine instructions and addressing modes

6:   The ability to temporarily halt the CPU and use this time to send information on buses is called
A. Direct memory access
B. Vectoring the interrupt
C. System Interrupt
D. Cycle stealing

Option: D

Explanation :

7:   Number of machine cycles required for RET instruction in 8085 microprocessor is
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. None of these

Option: C

Explanation :

8:   In a microprocessor system, the RST instruction will cause an interrupt
A. only if an interrupt service routine is being executed
B. only if a bit in the interrupt mask is made 0
C. only if interrupts have been enabled by an EI instruction
D. none of these

Option: C

Explanation :

9:   An instruction used to set the carry flag in a computer can be classified as
A. Data transfer
B. Process control
C. Logical
D. None of these

Option: B

Explanation :

10:   Microprocessor 8085 is the enhanced version of ......... with essentially the same construction set
A. 6800
B. 68000
C. 8080
D. 8088

Option: C

Explanation :

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Syllabus included in this section is-

  • Machine instructions and addressing modes
  • ALU and data-path
  • CPU control design
  • Memory interface
  • I/O interface (Interrupt and DMA mode)
  • Instruction pipelining
  • Cache and main memory
  • Secondary storage
  • Hardwired and Microprogrammed processor design
  • Instruction formats 
  • Addressing modes
  •  Memory types and organisation
  • Interfacing peripheral devices
  • Interrupts
  • Microprocessor architecture
  • Instruction set and Programming (8085, P-III/P-IV)
  • Microprocessor applications.

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