Phd Computer Science

Why Phd Computer Science or Phd Information Technology ?


One can expect following after completing phd computer science /information technology

  • Academic career
  • Research career
  • Top $$$ (not necessarily)
  • Can be a  high-tech entrepreneur (Strand Genomics, Google, Viaweb, Junglee, Cirrus Logic etc.)
  • Can  become an expert in a field


What is scope for Phd Computer Science ?

 PhD is a research degree and one of the main job opportunities after PhD is a faculty position in some University, College, or an Institute .There are always openings in places like IITs/NITs/RECs/Central Universities, etc. In addition, now some private universities as well as institutions set up by overseas universities coming up which also are looking for qualified faculty (and these places are paying much more than Govt. scales - up to 3 times more!) However, teaching is not the only option for a PhD. India today is fast becoming a center for global R & D. Due to the quality of its manpower, and the lower cost, many organizations have started setting up R&D centers in India. And these centers are looking for PhDs . Some example of these are IBM India Research Center in New Delhi, GE Research in Bangalore, Mentor Graphics in Hyderabad, Cadence, etc. Hence you can choose to be in the academic field or the corporate sector after a PhD. Besides these research centers, most of the big Indian IT companies have started high end technology development and consulting, and R&D centers or cells, in which they need PhDs. Almost all the IT majors - TCS, Infosys, Wipro, etc. employ a large number of PhDs (upward of about 50 each) and are always looking for more people to enhance their R&D activities. 

What is eligibility for Phd ?


The basic eligibility of candidates intending to pursue a doctoral programme is a pass with a minimum of 55% in a Postgraduate Programme and M. Phil. Based on the academic performance of the candidate at the postgraduate level, she or he can be admitted to a Ph. D programme which includes a pre-doctoral course work for a minimum period of one semester. It is comprising of Research Methodology which may include Quantitative methods and computer applications. It may also involve reviewing of published research in the relevant field, specific research methodologies, bridging core subjects (for interdisciplinary research projects), electives etc.

Phd Computer Science in India


Phd in Computer Science in India  can be done from

  • PTU
  • JNU
  • IIT 
  • JNTU

Phd thesis in computer Science


 This is a format and guidelines for writing your computer science thesis. This is your finally-written computer science thesis should look like.


1.   Introduction the topic thesis

2.   Focusing the task

3.  State the usefulness and aim of the study

Stating the initial point

1.  State previously developed methods in the research area

2.   Which conditions (for execution: hardware and software among others) are present?

 Develop a solution model

1.  Critical assessment of the literature: What is possible?

2.  Starting from the previous item: Development of solution concept

3.  Solution concept rationalization: Comparing the alternatives

How solution concept would be executed?

1. Tool selection

2. Documentation of important design decisions

3. Critical assessment of the implementation


1.  Summary

2.  Recommendations  






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