Data Science with Python

  • Python is a popular choice for data science due to its simplicity, readability, and ease of use. It has a wide range of libraries and frameworks that make it easy to perform data analysis, visualization, and machine learning tasks.
  • Some of the popular libraries and frameworks for data science in Python are Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib.

Learn more about Python in following chapters


1. Lesson 1 - Introduction To Python , Python Data Types

2. Lesson 2 - Control Structures in Python

3. Lesson 3 - NumPy


3.1 Numpy Arrays

3.2 Numpy Indexing and Selection 

3.3 Numpy Operations


4. Lesson 4 - Pandas 


                  4.1 Series in Pandas


                  4.2  Data Frames in Pandas


                  4.3 Handling Missing Data with Pandas


                  4.4 Operations in Pandas 


5. Lesson 5 - Exploratory Data Analysis with Python


6. Lesson 6 - Matplotlib


6.1 Data Visualization with Matplotlib  - I


6.2 Data Visualization with Matplotlib  - II


7. Lesson 7 - Machine learning with Scikit Learn


8. Lesson 8 - Linear Regression in Python


9. Lesson 9 -  Logistic Regression in Python


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