Database MCQ - Transactions and concurrency control


Transaction processing is associated with everything below except


Producing detail, summary, or exception reports


Recording a business activity


Confirming an action or triggering a response


Maintaining data.


Option: C

Explanation :

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Syllabus covered in this section is-

  • E- R diagrams and their transformation, to relational design
  •  Normalization - l NF, 2NF, 3NF
  •  BCNF and 4NF.Limitations of 4NF and BCNF
  • SQL :Data Definition Language (DDL) , Data Manipulation Language (DML), Data Control Language· (DCL)-
  • Database objects like Views, indexes, sequences, synonyms, Data dictionary
  • Database Concepts
  • Data Models,
  • Design of Relational Database
  • Query Processing and Optimization
  • Centralized and Distributed Database
  •  Security.
  •  Concurrency and Recovery in Centralized and Distributed Database Systems,
  • Object Oriented Database Management
  • Systems (Concepts, Composite objects, Integration with ROBMS applications),


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  • DOEACC Exams
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Entrance Exam

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