Unix - Filters and Commands


 Which of the following metacharacters will be recognized by the shell. even if it comes within double quotes?

A. $
B. *
C. ?
D. None of the above

Option: A

Explanation :


 lint should be used

A. before compilation
B. to analyze a C code
C. after compilation
D. Both (a) and (b)

Option: D

Explanation :
lint can throw light on many things, which the compiler generally overlooks. So. potential errors can be spotted and the program is debugged, even before compilation. Hence the answer is (d)


Environment variables can be accessed by

A. system programs
B. C programs
C. shell scripts
D. All of these

Option: D

Explanation :


Which of the following are character special files

A. Terminal
B. Printer
C. Modem
D. All of these

Option: D

Explanation :


 If one exports a variable

A. Variables placed in the environment by a child process are not inherited by the parent process
B. It is passed to all its descendant processes
C. It dies when the shell that created it dies
D. All of these

Option: D

Explanation :

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