Unix - Filters and Commands


 Shell script is preferable to other forms of programming because it

A. Makes programming task easier
B. Enhances portability
C. Occupies less space
D. All of these

Option: D

Explanation :


 Choose the incorrect statements.

A. Shell scripts can accept arguments
B. Shell scripts are interpreted
C. Shell is a programming language
D. Shell scripts are compiled

Option: D

Explanation :


Files that store data in the same format as used in program are called

A. binary files
B. Source file
C. Text file
D. Core

Option: A

Explanation :


To allow only one user to work with a particular file at a particular time, one has to use

A. Semaphore
B. Critical region
C. Locking
D. Dedicated mode

Option: C

Explanation :


Which of the following remarks about realloc are  true?

A. It allocates memory of required size that need not be contiguous
B. It may shift the existing block
C. It can work only with an existing block of memory
D. Both (b) and (c)

Option: D

Explanation :

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