C Programming MCQ - Constant Variables & Data Types

6:   The program fragment
int i = 263 ;
putchar (i) ;
A. 263
B. ASCII equivalent of 263
C. rings the bell
D. garbage

Option: C

Explanation :
263 in binary form is 100000111. If one tries to print an integer as a character, only the last 8 bits will be considered - the rest chopped off. So, in this case the ASCII value of 00000111 will be printed, Look in the ASCII table. It is ringing a bell !

7:   int i = 5; is a statement in a C program.
A. during execution, value of i may change but not its address
B. during execution both the address and value may change
C. repeated execution may result in different addresses for i
D. i may not have an associated address

Option: C

Explanation :

8:   If the declaration unsigned c:5; is replaced by
unsigned : 6; then
A. it results in a syntax error
B. it is meaningless
C. compiler will give a new name for the field
D. none of these

Option: C

Explanation :

9:   The value of ab if ab & 0 x 3f equals 0 x 27 is
A. 047
B. 0 x 0 f
C. 0 x f3
D. 0 x 27

Option: D

Explanation :
Let ab be 0 x MN. N&f should yield 7 i.e. N & 1111 should produce 0111. So, N should be 0111, i.e., 7.Similarly, M can be found to be 2. So, ab is 0 x 27.

10:   In C programming language, if the first and the second operands of operator + are of types int and float, respectively, the result will be of type
A. int
B. float
C. char
D. long int

Option: B

Explanation :

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Syllabus Covered in this section is

  • Elements of C-Tokens
  • Identifiers
  • data types in C
  • Control structures in, C
  •  Sequence, selection and iteration(s).
  • Structured data types in C
  • Arrays, Structures, union, String, and pointers
  • Functions, Recursion
  • Parameter passing, Scope
  •  Binding, Abstract data types

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